WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier



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WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier

WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier is the cutest puppy pet. No training required. Sure the capture baby's eye. Developed by a mom to help her baby sleep, here are the great product features for WubbaNubs:

* Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide

* Made wth a Soothie™ medical grade, latex free pacifier * BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free

* Great special one piece construction eliminates areas for germs to hide.

* Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub™ near baby's mouth, whether lying on side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller.

* Plush animal encourages eye hand coordination making it easy for baby to grasp.

* Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby's laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry.

Are the beans in the limbs of the plush baby safe? Yes! The beans are sewn in separate safety sacks within the plush. The WubbaNub™ conforms to the ASTM F963-96a safety code requirements and is baby safe.

My baby has a latex allergy. Is this pacifier made of latex? No. This pacifier is made of silicone. Also, it is medical grade and given out by many hospitals nationwide in their nurseries.

Usually ships the next business day