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MyEmbroideredGifts.com Adding New Personalized Embroidered Baby Gifts

Shoppers are looking for baby gifts that will be a special keepsake and stand out from the other baby gifts.

Madison, AL In response to the high demand for gifts that will stand out and make a statement, MyEmbroideredGifts.com is excited to offer new personalized embroidered baby gifts from Baby Gund. Personalized baby gifts are one-of-a-kind gifts that are embroidered upon request with the babys name and sometimes even the birthdate.

MyEmbroideredGifts.com is proud to be a Gund Diamond Dealer. Baby Gund has introduced several new collections of gift ideas that can be personalized with embroidery. There are products to fit all budgets from small to large. Whether the shopper is looking for a gift for a co-worker or a special relative, there is a gift idea available.

For smaller budgets the new line of Satineesnugs security blankets are the perfect idea. These great blankets measure 12 x 12 inches and are plush fabric on one side and satiny security blanket on the other. There are numerous choices for the satineesnugs from a cuddly bear to a cute frog.

For those really special gifts, the Securesnugs blanket makes a perfect gift. This wonderful 26 x 30 blanket is made for textured minky fabric with satin edging. The blanket can be personalized with an embroidered name and birthdate. This blanket will be a special keepsake for many years to come. We see customers every day looking for a special personalized gift, something that will stand out from the ordinary. We are proud to be able to order products that will fill that need, says Debra Killen, owner of MyEmbroideredGifts.com. MyEmbroideredgifts.com is always looking for new quality personalized embroidered baby gifts that will meet the needs of the customers visiting the website. Offering flat rate shipping and 24 48 hour shipment, MyEmbroideredgifts.com makes shopping for any gift-giving event an easy trip to the website. Save time and save gas by shopping online.

About MyEmbroideredGifts.com: MyEmbroideredgifts.com is a family owned business that has been providing quality embroidery since 2001. Their goal is to quickly ship quality products to make shopping a breeze.

Contact: Debra Killen MyEmbroideredGifts.com debra@myembroideredgifts.com 1-800-990-1658