Happy Blankie Personalized Blankets

Happy Blankie Personalized Blankets
We are so excited to be offering our customers Happy Blankies. The idea for Happy Blankies came about in 2008 when David Holdridge, who was seven at the time, decided it would be a fun idea to blend his little sister's two favorite things, stuffed animals and blankets. David's whole family got behind his idea and Happy Blankies were born. Each blanket has a huge cheek to cheek smile similar to the one each child gets when they see the blanket. Then David's mom, Emily, had another great idea. They started the "One to Love, One to Give". For each blanket sold, a blanket is given to a child in need. The child who receives the blanket just uses a code that comes with the blanket to go online and select where they want to send a blanket to someone in need. Each blanket is made of the most luxurious plush "minky" fabric and the silkiest charmeuse satin. Embroidered cheek-to-cheek smile and a plush embossed ribbon nose. Trimmed and backed with satin. They come in three sizes:

* Small approx. 18 X 18 (security size: newborn - 2 years)
* Medium approx. 36 X 40 (perfect for nap time, car trips, any time! newborn - 6 years)
* Large approx. 48 X 56 (newborn - 75+ years)

*Please note that all sizes vary slightly by animal design. Currently we stock the small and the medium size but you may request a larger one and we will order it for you. Each blanket is 100% polyester.

Click Here to find out more about "One to Love, One to Give"
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