Choosing a Special Personalized Gift

Choosing a Special Personalized Gift
If you are lucky to share the birth of a new child in an acquaintance’s family, one of the things you should think of is getting a nice present for the occasion, not only for baby but also a gift that would please and be useful for the parents. If you want to step up from the standard baby gifts and give a more personal touch to this offering, if you want to stay practical but ensure the gift will show your care and thoughtfulness, also adding a touch of sweetness, then a personalized gift would be the best choice for you.

There are many ways to personalize a gift for baby and the parents. Monogramming is one in particular, which is very personal and has a charming and old fashioned effect, and can also stay in the family as a souvenir or even used in later generations. All kinds of baby products can be monogrammed by specialized stores, sewn or engraved depending on the material, in all kinds of designs, shapes and colors. You can choose the design or color according with the gender of the baby if you know it, and if you are looking for a special birthday or christening gift you can check the name or initials, birth date, favorite animal of the child as only a few of the possible examples that can be monogrammed.

Here are some ideas of items that can be monogrammed. When considering baby bedding for a personalized gift, you have many options to choose from. Baby blankets are always a good choice, and you can choose from many different styles and designs. A Rag Time blanket as one example, is a patchwork design of a baby blanket made of various materials and usually becomes precious to the family. Sewn initials of the baby in the corner of the blanket can add a very special touch to this gift.

For feeding time, burp cloths are always welcomed since baby can use quite a few during one day. You can even order a set of burp cloths for different occasions, some for more dressed up events for example and other for the daily burping parties. Baby bibs are another option for personalized monogrammed baby gifts. Adding the name, initials or any other kind of animal or design adds a lovely and personal feeling to this mostly used item.

Baby towels. Now that is an item even mom and dad will gladly have monogrammed, so why not baby? Having your own personal towel is always nice for bath time, and cuddling the toddler daily with this special gift would add of mom’s pleasure a great deal. Baby bathrobes are also a great idea to wrap the baby in, and when personalized it is even better.

Clothing is not the only option for monogramming. Plates, cups, spoons, baby bottles and other items of the sort can be monogrammed with the name of the baby, birth date or other cute sayings and designs. Another original idea is monogrammed furniture to place in the nursery. Personalized baby table and chairs, custom made for the baby, magnet boards or wooden hangers will have a special place in baby’s heart and will be greatly appreciated by the parents.

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